Client Work

Hourigan Construction

With circle S studio, I was honored to work with a variety of clients on both a local and national scale. While circle S had clientele in a variety of industries, they primarily focused on the A/C/E (architecture, construction & engineering) and financial sectors.

Hourigan is a heavyweight construction company in RVA, and one of cSs’ premiere clients. Having just won a Richmond Times-Dispatch Top Workplace Award, they tapped cSs to edit a video in short order. Mixing fresh interviews with legacy footage, they wanted to show this promo at the RTD awards show — and eventually use it as a recruiting tool. I was given free reign to create something without a script, while knowing only what the end goal was to be. This is my creation, as I shot the interview with CEO Mark Hourigan, as well as some employees in the corporate office and out in the field. Before presenting to the client, I received some editorial input from management. Lower thirds & intro/section graphics by Brandon Shields:

HG Top Workplaces 2019 – Award Ceremony Video – by Justin Lenart at circle S studio

Lansing Building Products

Another of circle S’ premiere clients is Lansing Building Products. Each year, they host a National Sales Meeting, and circle S is in charge of their creative and design work. I partnered up with another amazing videographer/filmmaker, Julian Ashbee, of GFactor Films, to create this ‘Hero Video’ for LBP’s NSM 2020 (Julian filmed most of it, and I was B-cam on one of the warehouse shoots. I assembled the initial rough edit, and completed most sky replacements on the military footage. Julian sweetened the edit with the transitional flashes throughout, and inserted some creative shots he filmed in the field. Brandon Shields did some graphics work, including the logo design and a pesky sky replacement. Overall, it was approximately a 60/30/10 split on the edit.

LBP NSM 2020 Hero Video – by Justin Lenart & Julian Ashbee at circle S studio

In the months that followed, we learned that Lansing was merging with Harvey Building Products, a similar company based in the Northeast. We then created a series of videos to announce the merger, as well as to welcome the new employees into the Lansing family. For the announcement video, Julian and I shot the interviews with the three principal CEOs, and tag-teamed on the B-roll. We worked in tandem on the edit, and Brandon Shields completed some subtle graphics work.

Lansing & Harvey Merger Internal Announcement Video – by Justin Lenart & Julian Ashbee at circle S studio

For the welcome video, Julian filmed the CEO’s on-camera speech, while I edited the majority of the video, and completed all of the sound design. The motion graphics work at the end was done by phenomenal graphic designer, Brandon Shields.

Lansing & Harvey Merger Welcome Video – by Justin Lenart & Julian Ashbee at circle S studio


At NBC12, our station’s client wanted a series of videos promoting their business, which they planned on posting on social media and publishing to their own website.  I worked with the owner to conceptualize these videos, and produced them from start to finish.

I filmed the vast majority of these myself, with a little help from coworkers on a handful of ‘event’ shoots, and edited them in their entirety.  A colleague created the lower third.

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