In my earlier days, I teamed up with various groups of friends and helped make a number of low-budget short films.  I’ve since led a handful of 48 Hour Film Projects, and shot smaller re-enactments for America’s Most Wanted. Since 2013, I’ve shot countless promos for NBC12, Richmond’s NBC affiliate, and helmed a variety of corporate shoots & edit sessions with circle S studio.

I shot most everything in my portfolio with Canon 5D Mk IV, 60D, C100, and BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4K & 6K though I am also proficient with a variety of other camera makes and models, as well.

Please enjoy this sampling of my videography work over the years:

This was a fun one!  I shot this Morning News spot in its entirety on the racetrack formerly known as RIR (currently RR).  I also edited this promo:

I collaborated with the folks from AMP and shot a couple short films for them between 2012-13.  Here’s a trailer for one of their films, Masonic Secrecy:

I filmed about 95% of this promo for one of our station’s clients, including all interviews, footage of Richmond, and most of the client’s ‘events’:

I filmed this at a local middle school with our amazing AM team. I then edited it, as well:

As of October 2018, these two spots are part of the most recent major campaign I’m currently working on.  I produced these from top to bottom, setting up all shoots.  I filmed many of the shots around RVA (not the portions with our talent), and even built the rig that held the smoke grenades:

As part of our larger campaign promoting our on-air talent, I shot the majority of these four spots:

This is one of the most recent promos I produced, filmed and edited:

Before our main anchor retired, I was tasked with setting up a candid conversation to show the changing of the guard.  These are the most beautiful promos I’ve ever had the privilege of creating:

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