The Fairytale Begins…and Ends.

After replying to a sketchy Craigslist ad, a hiring manager called me in for an interview with America’s Most Wanted at their Bethesda, MD headquarters.  I met the execs & some staff, and after assuring them I’ll give them my all, they offered me the job!  Within a few weeks, I began my crimefighting career.

I started out as a Production Assistant and eventually moved up to an Associate Producer for the greatest public service crime-fighting television show in history.  FOX took it off the air in July 2011, and despite a valiant attempt at resurfacing on Lifetime TV…the show ended its run.

I left before it ended for good, but boy do I miss it badly.Crimefighting_AMW_MeSedgGilda(photo courtesy of Reggie Saunders)

Here’s a sampling of my work, writing and producing for the show.

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