What’s A U.S. Marshal?

I wrote, researched and produced this piece, highlighting the History of the U.S. Marshals Service. I spent a great deal of time at the National Archives in College Park, MD searching for archival footage for this segment. I also rummaged through countless hours of AMW archival video to find appropriate USMS footage for this piece.

In addition to the research phase, I conducted all interviews with Dave Turk, Official USMS Historian, USMS Chief Inspector William Sorukas, as well as USMS Dir. Stacia Hylton — in what turned out to be her first major national television on-camera, sit-down interview. Working closely with Editor Bob Kanner, he cut this fun, informative and entertaining piece together. This is one of my favorite segments from my time producing segments at AMW.

Click HERE to see more of the segments I produced as a professional crimefighter.

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